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$33.1 Million+

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Dan Lok

"There is a lot of people who can promise they can do sales for you, but very few people can do it well.... Richard and 1 Call Closers has a proven process that actually works"

Bedros Keuilian

"I will continue to use and refer 1 Call Closers"

Why 1 Call Closers?

"Working with 1CC is like having an inhouse sales team, marketing team, tech team, consulting team, and acquisition management team in place all on a performance basis...it's incredible"

Install a lethal inbound sales team

Let's be honest...finding A level sales talent is hard and managing them is even harder! 1CC will set up a team of A level closers, manage them and put your business in a position to dominate every other E-Learning company out there. 

Revenue Generating Call Funnels

1 Your one Funnel Away as Russel Brunson says... but at 1CC it's even better - we'll put together your calls funnels with the most converting copy, dialed in VSL's with scripts, with the highest converting designs --- We know what works and we know what doesn't

Mind-blowing Data Tracking

At 1 Call Closers we keep track of data like your life depended on it.... because it does.  We use data science to reverse engineer every part of the funnel so instead of guessing, we know.  

Reverse Engineer Your Revenue Goals

In order to continually grow your online business you need to know what part of the funnel needs attention...If you understand the metrics that matter most in your funnel, we can reverse engineer the cash collected and always grow your empire.... 

Automate Like a Pro

Automation is like having thousands of employee's working for your business all at once without increasing overhead and giving you an unfair advantage... This increases touchpoints on every lead to maximize revenue, increase efficiency, decrease bottlenecks, and allow for unlimited scale!

Fully inbound and outbound text automation

If your not maximizing text marketing in your funnels your losing tons of revenue... at 1CC we know what works and we know what doesn't - we will fully customize text automation for your business to drive more leads, convert more leads, and contact more leads throughout every stage of the funnel.

We Work With Top Producers That Are The #1 Or Working To Become The Top In Their Industry


Tony Robbins is the nation's top life and business strategist and Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times best selling author & entrepreneur.

robby blanchard

 #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world and founder of Commission Hero, the #1 Affiliate Marketing Course and Coaching Program.

Bedros Keuilian Case Study


Bedros Keuilian - CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp (Franchise 500® and 4x Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies ).

zain jan

CEO of Better Earth, founder of two 8-figure companies. Zain also runs coaching programs for entrepreneurs in the solar industry.

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne - Founder of multiple best-sellers, including The Perfect Day Formula. He also runs the Perfect Life Workshops.

Anik Singal - Case Study

anik singal

Founder of Lurn.com. Started without an inside sales team, now doing $100k/month with us. Anik is also a best-selling author of Escape.

Anthony morrison

Anthony Morrison is an Affiliate Marketer who helps teach others to escape the 9-5 world just like he did. He has several different education options ranging from online courses to live, in person events.

Bedros Keuilian Case Study

Vince sant 

Vince Sant is the name of an American fitness instructor, who is the co-founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing online fitness brands V Shred, where he gives people custom diet and training plans. 

Brandon webb

Webb is the Founder and CEO of Hurricane Group Inc, which includes sofrep.com, The Load Out Room, sofrep radio, the SpecOps Channel on YouTube, Crate Club, Cuna Dog and Continuum.

Thach NGuyen

Real estate agent, developer and philanthropist Thach Nguyen hopes to inspire and empower billions of people to reach for their dreams by sharing his life story and showing them that anything is possible.

Bedros Keuilian Case Study

nick santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso is constantly defying the odds. Despite being born with no legs and one arm, Nick is a bestselling author, world renowned keynote speaker and a professional model/bodybuilder.

adrian morrison

Adrian Morrison is often referred to as one of the top Facebook marketers in the world.  He has generated millions of dollars using Facebook Ads for his own e-commerce store and affiliate partners.

Just Results


robby blanchard


Thach NGuyen


Brandon webb

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What Do We Sell?


Do you sell 1 on 1 coaching programs, masterminds, group coaching or something in between? Our highly skilled closers can close this for you.
We currently sell programs ranging from 5K all the way to 75K in price.

Live Events

Want to sell out your next live event and pitch your next mastermind or coaching program? Our closers can pack out the venue by getting on the phone and doing what we do best. (CLOSE)

Information Products

In our research you are losing TONS of money if you are just trying to get people to buy your $1k-$5k products through a webinar or sales funnel. You need to get interested buyers on the phone and close!

how do i qualify to work with 1CC?

Instead of spending months finding, interviewing, hiring, training and managing new sales talent yourself, 1callclosers.com does it all for you - in a fraction of the time. To work with our talent, we have a 3-step process we’ll guide you through.

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    Fill out the simple application form. Your application will help us understand how to best help your sales or scaling needs
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    Join us for our high-efficiency scalability audit. We plan together on the best course of action to hit your sales goals
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    We develop a deployment and launching strategy. Our closers start closing for you on a performance-basis